Ink Asia is a brand new Hong Kong art fair dedicated to the art of Chinese ink painting. To accompany the show and to raise debate and discourse, a series of talks and lectures will be held concurrently.

It’s clear that this moderate fair of more than 40 galleries considers itself as a vital platform for the medium, not only paying homage to some local ink treasures but also questioning the future, in a high-tech, multimedia and globalised world.

Ambiguous Flower Series by Mao Lizi - Photograph courtesy of Pekin Fine Arts

“Ambiguous Flower Series” by Mao Lizi. Photograph courtesy of Pekin Fine Arts

“Hong Kong is an international market, with different views on the form, quality and value of ink,” says the director of Ink Asia 2015, Calvin Hui.  This fair will allow everyone to explore the links between traditional and new ideas.”

Black circle by Fabienne Verdier Courtesy of Alison Fine Arts

“Black Circle” by Fabienne Verdier. Courtesy of Alison Fine Arts

It’s true that ink is a vital medium in the history of Chinese art. “Ink art is a crucial part of the language of Oriental art,” says Hui, reasoning that with the rapid economic growth of Asia and an increasing demand for the recognition of Chinese cultural identity – and interest from the outside – the time is ripe, for Ink Asia. “I believe that modern and contemporary ink art will be at the forefront of the art market of China and Asia in the future,” he says.

6 Ten by Raymond Fung Wing Kee

“6 Ten” by Raymond Fung Wing Kee

Exhibitors include Hanart TZ Gallery, Alisan Fine Art, Grotto Fine Art and Pékin Fine Arts, bringing together a mixture of both Hong Kong and mainland galleries. We can expect to see innovative ink works by Hong Kong artists, Raymond Fung, Hung Fai, Wong Yeeki, Zaffer Chan and Eunice Cheun.

Lotus by Lui Shou Kwan - Photograph courtesy of Alisan Fine Arts

“Lotus” by Lui Shou Kwan. Courtesy of Alisan Fine Arts

Another highlight is an exhibition by a man considered to be the father of modern ink. Liu Kuo-Sung (劉國松) has been innovating the medium of ink since the 1950s, breaking away from the old formulas of Chinese painting to implement new ideas and techniques while maintaining some tradition, for instance, in his subject matter.

Ink Asia is a first of its kind on the global stage of art; an extraordinary gathering of contemporary ink works.


Ink Asia 2015 takes place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from Friday 18 December to Saturday 19 December, 2015. For more details visit