Gabriella Zanzanaini

What’s Left of Hong Kong’s Once-Powerful Chiu Chow Neighbourhood?

These days, the Western District has become synonymous with whatever is gentrified and hip. And while stylish new coffee joints may be mushrooming between mechanic shops and fruit stalls, some remnants of the district’s glorious past as the centre of entrepôt trade still exist. Wholesale shops still line Connaught Road and Des Voeux Road, selling dried seafood, rice and […]...

Hong Kong Bites: Cantonese New Year Cake – Nin Gou 年糕

Hong Kong is gearing up for Chinese New Year and special holiday food is showing up everywhere from supermarket shelves to wet market stalls. There’s one thing you absolutely can’t miss: nin4 gou1 (年糕), the sweet, chewy glutinous rice cake that is essential to the Cantonese celebration of the lunar new year. Literally meaning New Year Cake, this […]...
Gabriella Zanzanaini

Gabriella Zanzanaini


Half Italian, half-Chinese, Gabriella was born and raised in Hong Kong until leaving for studies and work abroad in London, Paris and Beijing. She recently completed an overland journey from Brussels to Hong Kong in 306 days and is now working on a cookbook and travelogue inspired by the journey across the Eurasian continent. Travelling long-term showed her how you can become tired of landscapes and the 100th temple, but never become blasé about people. The most interesting experiences from the road have been through engaging with people along the way and learning their history, culture and politics from personal stories. Gabriella is eager to explore the stories behind Hong Kong’s everyday forgotten icons and delve back into the Chinese language for Zolima CityMag. Part of the duo behind the award winning blog he Funnelogy Channel (, when she is not on a bus, train or plane, you will most likely find her trying new foods street-side, preferably with her hands. And chatting to the cook.

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