Contemporary and Classical Performances with Le French May

Why We Recommend it

From live jazz and rising star quartets to philharmonic orchestras, Le French May showcases leading talents in the music world.


Le French May marks its 25th anniversary with a programme that celebrates the Gallic “joie de vivre” lifestyle, including a diverse roster of contemporary and classic performances.

Highlighted one-night only music programmes include: the debut performance of Orchestra Philharmonique de Radio France who is joined by a trio of young soloists for Beethoven’s ecstatic Triple Concerto; Quartet Van Kuijk, a new rising star that has quickly forged an international profile; a live jazz series featuring Chet Baker, a jazz trumpet player who has influenced the minds and souls of many.


When: 1 May 2017 - 31 May 2017 Where: Hong Kong City Hall – Central