Imagining Qianlong: Louis XV’s Chinese Emperor Tapestries

Why We Recommend it

The exhibit displays four Chinoise tapestries of Emperor Qianlong which were commissioned by King Louis XV and which demonstrate deep connections between the French and Chinese courts.


The exhibit shows four Chinoiserie tapestries of Emperor Qianlong, woven after designs by Francois Boucher at the famous Beauvais manufactory from 1758-1760. The large and well-preserved textiles form part of the royal French commission by King Louis XV, part of which was presented to Qianlong in 1766.

The relics come from a time in which the empires idolised and were deeply influenced by each other in an increasingly enlightened era.


When: 15 Mar 2017 - 28 May 2017 Where: University Museum and Art Gallery – Pokfulam