Mauvaises Herbes: The Troublesome Art of Three Feminists

Why We Recommend it

This exhibit explores the friendship of three women who use diverging storytelling strategies but share common ground in their bid to interrogate feminist and vegetal themes. 


Three artists present works that link friendship and common interests, but which demonstrate diverging strategies of image making. The show interrogates vegetal, female and feminist themes, playing on the idea of weeds as troublesome plants and linking them with the idea of “difficult” (i.e. intelligent)  women. 

These works range from the saturated colour paintings of Sarah Crowner’s botanical specimens and the crystalline graphics of Caitlin Keogh, alongside Paulina Olowska’s most recent paintings on the subject of a Lithuanian scientist.


When: 28 Apr 2017 - 27 May 2017 Where: Simon Lee Gallery – Central