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Zolima CityMag for non ordinary families was founded in October 2015 by Nicole Andrianjaka de Surville. It is a culture magazine, a passion project aimed at taking “families” of relatives, but also of friends or individuals sharing the same interests, on a journey of discovery around the world’s most vibrant cities – in an inspiring, innovative and unconventional way. Hong Kong is the first stop.

We believe there is a globally-minded audience of readers who are hungry about opportunities and experiences that take them closer to the soul of the city. We are not a typical travel magazine or city guide; we don’t provide simple lists of tourist destinations, or the 10 top things to do with your loved ones. Instead, we are passionate about diving deep into the essence of the city to find stories that span the human spectrum.

Zolima CityMag covers art, history, culture, design and people. We believe there is always something meaningful to learn or rediscover about a destination, either as a first time traveller or local resident. We hope that parents can share our insights with the next generation, inspiring them to see the world with fresh and curious eyes.


Nicole Andrianjaka de Surville

Founder - Editor in chief

Nicole Andrianjaka de Surville is the founder of Zolima CityMag. French, born to parents from Berlin and Madagascar, Nicole came to China the first time more than 20 years ago. She has been here ever since. Skilled in strategic business development and prospecting new opportunities in the cultural, art, fashion and lifestyle industries, Nicole launched Zolima CityMag to offer a new way to explore and rediscover the city. Previous endeavours include Chinese operations of Parisian fashion trend research and design agency; Carlin International; Bucol (Hermes Group) Asian operations. Nicole's passion and a team of seasoned and enthusiastic contributors are the ingredients that make Zolima CityMag whole.

Christopher Dewolf

Managing Editor

Christopher DeWolf is a Canadian journalist who has lived in Hong Kong since 2008. He was drawn by the contrasts of the city's street life: quiet lanes filled with stray cats and potted plants; sleek glass-and-steel footbridges; frenetic markets where rainbow umbrellas shelter fresh vegetables and flopping fish. Christopher's work on urbanism, architecture, design, art and culture has appeared in the South China Morning Post, Wall Street Journal, TIME, LEAP and many other publications. His book on Hong Kong's unique urban culture, Borrowed Spaces: Life Between the Cracks of Modern Hong Kong, was published by Penguin in 2017. He hopes to bring a ground-up sense of place to his work for Zolima CityMag.

Elizabeth Kerr


Elizabeth Kerr is a native of Canada who has lived in Hong Kong since 2004. A Bachelor of Fine Arts (Cinema), she has worked in the film industry since finishing university, in production and for non-profit festivals, and she has written about cinema since 2002. Elizabeth has covered various international film festivals in South Korea, Berlin, Toronto, Shanghai and Tokyo. She is also a contributor to trade publication The Hollywood Reporter, China Daily Hong Kong, the South China Morning Post and The Peak among others. Her media career highlight to date was attending San Diego Comic-Con. (She describes herself as a nerd.) Her work on and off set, combined with a dedication to devouring Hong Kong movies back when they could only be found in the dusty corners of niche video stores, make her Zolima CityMag's resident movie expert, snob or geek – whatever your chosen adjective.

Billy Potts


Billy Potts is a writer and designer born and raised in Hong Kong. He trained as a lawyer and then started a design consultancy with a special emphasis on local heritage. Hong Kong has always captured his imagination. As a writer, Billy is interested in the city's esoteric folk traditions, design, culture, art and environment.

Alice Miquel


French-born Alice Miquel is fascinated by the art of paper-making and she loves indulging in the pleasure of writing. She trained under one of the most demanding literary curriculums in France before earning a master's degree in economics at Sciences Po. She lived in Tokyo for more than 10 years, where she founded Aoyama Notebooks, which are bound by hand according to a traditional Japanese method. She self published her photography book Still Hong Kong.

Andrea Lo


Although she was born in Canada, Andrea Lo is a Hong Kong girl at heart. She spent 10 years studying in England and returned home in 2012, cutting her teeth in lifestyle journalism by writing about Hong Kong nightlife, food and drink. She continues to be fascinated by the city’s food culture, unique identity and fun Cantonese words that can't be translated into English. She works as a freelance features producer at CNN and has contributed to a variety of publications including Discovery and Asia Times, and she writes a column on Hong Kong culture for The Loop.

Cardin Chan

Research and project manager

After living abroad, Cardin Chan is set on rediscovering her roots in Hong Kong. Since 2017, she has run The Hong Kong Neon Heritage, which seeks to promote Hong Kong's neon sign heritage, and she has created content in Chinese and English for various local media. In her spare time, Cardin is learning how to make cheongsams.

Catherine Shaw


Catherine is an independent British architecture, design and art critic based in Hong Kong. Having trained as an urban planner, the process of building and creating spaces has always held a fascination for her. She hopes to share her passion for design with Zolima CityMag's readers. Catherine contributes to a wide range of publications including Interior Design, Wallpaper*, Design Anthology, and the South China Morning Post, and is the Asia-Pacific contributing editor for Metropolis magazine. Catherine is the author of the Wallpaper* Tokyo City Guide and recently updated the Louis Vuitton Hong Kong City Guide. She loves Hong Kong for its wild country parks and beaches cheek by jowl with gleaming skyscrapers.

Christie Lee

Christie Lee


A Hong Kong-based journalist who has covered the Asian arts scene for the past seven years, Christie Lee writes about art and literature for Zolima CityMag. She spent her formative years in Canada, where she nurtured her love of the visual and performing arts, TMC movies, indie coffee shops and, naturally, Leonard Cohen. Her writings have appeared in the South China Morning Post, Frieze, Artomity, Peak magazine and Randian. She has a BA in English Literature from McGill University and a MA in Visual Cultures from Goldsmiths, University of London.

Edith Terry


Edith Terry grew up in Southeast Asia, Taiwan and the United States. First visiting Hong Kong in 1959, and living here since 2000, she has been a foreign correspondent for Business Week magazine and the Toronto Globe and Mail Newspaper, opinion editor and columnist for the South China Morning Post, and is the author of non-fiction books including How Asia Got Rich: Japan, China, and the Asian Miracle (M.E. Sharpe, 2002). She writes about Hong Kong arts, culture, and sustainability.

Elle Kwan


After earning a degree in drama, Elle Kwan thought she might spend a life playing others but soon discovered writing about people was even more satisfying than speaking their lines. Since moving from London to Hong Kong almost a decade ago, she has been writing about artists, performers, culture and creatives for stories that have appeared in magazines and newspapers including the South China Morning Post, Prestige Hong Kong, Tatler and Travel and Leisure, and she remains an avid fan of the performing arts.

Gabriella Zanzanaini


Half Italian, half Chinese, Gabriella was born and raised in Hong Kong until life took her to London, Paris and Beijing. She completed an overland journey from Brussels to Hong Kong in 306 days and is now working on a cookbook and travelogue inspired by the journey across the Eurasian continent. Part of the duo behind the award-winning blog The Funnelogy Channel, when Gabriella is not on a bus, train or plane, you will most likely find her trying new foods street-side, preferably with her hands – while chatting to the cook.

Jason Wordie


Jason Wordie is an established local historian and writer. He has made his home in the New Territories for more than twenty five years. He conducts historical walks in Hong Kong, Macao, Canton (Guangzhou) and Humen as well as giving historical lectures for a variety of local community groups and cultural organisations, in addition to various well-known corporate bodies. Jason has had a series of regular columns in the South China Morning Post. His current column, Then and Now, appears every week in the Sunday Morning Post’s Post Magazine. Jason has written several books on Hong Kong and the region.

Kevin Mak

Kevin Mak


Kevin Mak is an architect and photographer who is active on Instagram as @kingymak, where he uses urban photography as a form of meditation on living in this dense city. He hopes to encourage conversations through his photography works at Zolima CityMag by showing Hong Kong's unique aesthetics and how its urban space permits the coexistence diverse cultures. Kevin also works as an architect at international architectural practice OMA, contributes photo artworks to the Bamboo Scenes gallery, promotes signboard heritage as the co-founder of streetsignhk, and runs his own architectural design and photography practice, 1km Studio.

Laine Tam

Graphic Designer

Laine Tam is a graphic designer and illustrator who has worked for Kahoko, The Bottle Shop, Young Master Ales and other Hong Kong brands. Raised in Hong Kong and Vancouver, she lived in Montreal before returning to Hong Kong in 2008. She loves hand-painted signs, food, markets and textiles. Her favourite kind of wool is alpaca. Laine contributes a unique graphic sensibility to Zolima CityMag through maps, illustrations and graphics.

Leanne Mirandilla


Leanne Mirandilla's love affair with the written word began in the form of a childhood fascination with crosswords and Enid Blyton novels. A Hong Kong local with intimate knowledge of the city, Leanne writes on all things art, design, dining, and travel. After attending university at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, she returned to Hong Kong and joined HK Magazine's art and culture beat. Since then, her work has been published in CNN Style, the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong Tatler and more.

Nicolas Petit


Nicolas is a French documentary, travel and food photographer. He has previously worked and lived in Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya, UK and Belgium before recently deciding to put his bags down in Hong Kong. He loves exploring new and familiar places to unfold the extraordinary found in everyday life. Everyone and everywhere has a story to tell and the "everyday" is where you often find the best ones. His focus is on documenting socio-economic and environmental change with a focus on people, providing portraits with a strong sense of place. He is the other half of the duo behind The Funnelogy Channel (www.funnelogychannel.com). He likes mangoes, old records player, the Swahili coast, and chinese knife-cut noodles (刀削面).

Ryan Kilpatrick


A third-generation Hongkonger with roots in Shanghai, London and Newfoundland, Ryan Kilpatrick has always been drawn to the ships and sea routes that bind together both his own family’s story and that of his hometown. After studying Chinese history he made the move from academia to journalism, writing for the Wall Street Journal, South China Morning Post, TIME, Fortune, and others. His favourite stories fuse his passions for heritage, conservation and the ocean, and remind readers how much Hong Kong owes to its rich maritime inheritance.

Sarah Karacs


Sarah Karacs’ first window into the world of Hong Kong came from a memoir of a young girl whose family fled to the Fragrant Harbour from Tianjin. A polyglot avid reader and tireless writer, she has always loved words and how they help us explore new landscapes, ideas, and conceptions of the world. Born to Norwegian and Hungarian parents, Sarah moved to China after studying German and Czech at the University of Oxford. She has written for Der Spiegel, the Prague Post, the London Times and the South China Morning Post. She plans to get to the heart of the Hong Kong arts scene for Zolima CityMag as the city steers itself towards a new, fascinating and complex chapter in its cultural and sociopolitical story.

Tom Billinge


Tom Billinge has spent a large part of his adult life exploring the globe. Coming from Cambridge in the UK with an English father and a Cypriot mother, Tom has been fascinated by different cultures from an early age. With a background in archaeology he is the founder of The Temple Trail, a website that highlights the world's beautiful religious buildings and the cultures that created them. Having lived in several countries, including China and Hong Kong, Tom has acquired a treasure house of knowledge, particularly about Eastern Religions. Tom has written for several history and travel publications and has told stories from all over the world. As the content editor of the Hong Kong Temple Map, he has visited and documented countless places of worship in Hong Kong. Tom aims to bring his cultural insights to Zolima CityMag to inspire readers to learn more about the incredible traditions and temples of Hong Kong.

Viola Gaskell


Originally from the pinpoint town of Hana, Hawaii, Viola has freelanced for a mix of publications, photographing the island life for the Maui News and city life for Yes! Magazine in Seattle. Viola has a passion for photographing intimate pieces on people, places, their culture and their stories. The intricacies of form, light, shadow, and expression inspire Viola to capture the raw imperfect beauty this world is made of. Alongside photography, she loves fruit, urban exploration, hiking, yoga and being in the ocean.

William Furniss


William Furniss has called Hong Kong home for more than 20 years. A dedicated urbanist and photographer, he works to depict enhanced versions of the forms and functions of our metropolis. Also a keen on conversation and hanging out with humans, William enjoys shooting portraits. His work can be seen at www.williamfurniss.com

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