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Slow Hong Kong: A Walk Through Hong Kong Park

There’s a lot of pressure on Hong Kong Park. It shoulders the responsibility of representing the whole of Hong Kong, but it has become such a familiar landmark, it almost disappears into the landscape. It also has the challenge of distinguishing itself from its neighbour, the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens, with which it is often confused. […]...

Slow Hong Kong: In the Steps of a Governor

When you’re on the Peak, you aren’t really at the summit. You’ll need a bit of effort and imagination to reach the true peak of Hong Kong Island, 552 metres above sea level. Try as you might, you will never quite make it, because access is restricted by the telecommunications infrastructure on the summit of Mount […]...
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Alice Miquel


French-born Alice Miquel is fascinated by the art of paper-making and she loves indulging in the pleasure of writing. She trained under one of the most demanding literary curriculums in France before earning a master's degree in economics at Sciences Po. She lived in Tokyo for more than 10 years, where she founded Aoyama Notebooks, which are bound by hand according to a traditional Japanese method. She self published her photography book Still Hong Kong.

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