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Lucienne Leung


Lucienne Leung was born and bred in Hong Kong, where she was surrounded by her mother's extensive collection of Vogues and fashion videos, and her father's eclectic collectibles of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd LPs, which paved her way to the world of fashion and beautiful people. After graduating from university in the UK, she worked as a stylist and began writing about fashion for publications and retail outlets in Hong Kong. Lucienne has interviewed Karl Lagerfeld, Dries Van Noten, Rick Owens and Stella McCartney, among other star designers. Lately, she has decided to slow down and stop buying new fashion items for a year to detox and take a closer look at slow fashion. “Buy better, buy old, buy used, buy less” is her new motto. She explores the unique pockets of Hong Kong's fashion scene for Zolima CityMag.

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