Sarah Karacs

A Walk on the Wong Chuk Hang Side: Talks, Performances and More During South Island Art Day

That art districts emerge out of industrial corners of a city is not an unusual phenomenon. Drawn to the large spaces, low rents and high ceilings of disused factories and manufacturing high rises, galleries and artists pile in and, over time, make an otherwise culturally-barren locality their own. That is as much the story of […]...
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Sarah Karacs


Sarah Karacs’ first window into the world of Hong Kong came from a memoir of a young girl whose family fled to the Fragrant Harbour from Tianjin. A polyglot avid reader and tireless writer, she has always loved words and how they help us explore new landscapes, ideas, and conceptions of the world. Born to Norwegian and Hungarian parents, Sarah moved to China after studying German and Czech at the University of Oxford. She has written for Der Spiegel, the Prague Post, the London Times and the South China Morning Post. She plans to get to the heart of the Hong Kong arts scene for Zolima CityMag as the city steers itself towards a new, fascinating and complex chapter in its cultural and sociopolitical story.

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