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Hong Kong-based premium cotton shirt specialist, PYE is expanding their ecological concept line that launched in 2015. Leading the hull of PYE is none other than the 29-year-old Dee Poon, who is the acting managing director of this family-run business, which originated from Shanghai in the early 1920s , with the firm intention of pushing the boundaries of sustainability in fashion. Since its foundation more than 30 years ago, PYE aims to be a pioneer in water treatment and use-reduction technology, having reduced water and energy consumption per shirt by an average of 53% and 38% respectively over the past ten years. While striving to improve the impact of the shirt productionon on the environement, PYE keeps pursuing the making of the best quality shirt. Mastering its full supply chain, from the harvest of its cotton to the tailoring of its shirts PYE creatse and produces one of the finest dress and casual shirts in Hong Kong. PYE has also shops in China