002 Ryotaro Muramatsu: Where Digital Technology Meets Art and Nature

Why We Recommend it

Japanese artist Ryôtarô Muramatsu (b. 1971, Japan), CEO of the creative company Naked, showcases 6 new series of interactive multimedia pieces and projection mapping.


In this new work, Muramatsu explores the potential of cutting-edge digital technology as a medium, incorporating elements of his philosophy on nature, beauty, and life in a poetic and meditative way. Ambiguity is referenced, alluding to the blurred line between ‘beginning’ and ‘end,’ or ‘existence’ and ‘non-existence’. Ultimately this evokes a circle of life in a mysterious yet harmonious way. This concept is evident in “HAZAMA -A Space Between-”, an interactive piece capturing the movement of powerful waves crashing explosively on a shore. The artist explains ‘The shore is a borderline where two worlds meet with a constant ebb and flow of energy. … Life colourfully blossoms and vanishes at this ambiguous borderline.’ In this piece, the artist places viewers into the position of the moon. Like the moon’s gravitational pull generates tidal force, when viewers approach the work, the tide starts to rise and becomes a vigorous wave.

Even though technology is a key element in visualising and augmenting his expression in these works Muramatsu achieves subtle balance between concept, art and technology. Arita Ceramics (AKARI series works, 2019) uses for example traditional ceramics and natural elements like real tree branches  or collaborates with established experts in traditional Japanese culture to express his aesthetics without being overshadowed by technology.


When: 16 Aug 2019 - 22 Sep 2019 Where: Whitestone Gallery Hong Kong, 7-8/F, H Queen’s – 80 Queen’s Road Central – Central