Persona: 13 Artists Reveal Different Sides of Their Personalities

Why We Recommend it

From Hong Kong to France, 13 artists from around the world gather at Gallery HZ’s first group exhibition Persona with introspective works that offer an intimate look into their individual personalities.


For viewers, art is a medium through which it is possible to imagine the artists’ thoughts and to some extent, their personalities. Gallery HZ’s first group exhibition, Persona, looks exactly into this intriguing interplay between the artist, the artwork and its viewers.

Persona features an impressive collection of works, from paintings by Simon Birch, Peter Chan, Clment Denis, Ghost Mountain Field, and Aries Wu to photography works by Chong-Il Woo, digital canvas by MoMo Kim, prints by Desmond Lo, drawings by Chow Ciao Chow, Daisuke Tajima and Emmy Wan, and sculptures by Camie Lyons and Kirsteen Pieterse. Through utilising different mediums, these 13 artists from around the globe contemplates on issues of human emotion, personal identity, time and urbanism. 

Whilst appreciating these artworks, viewers will likely find themselves enchanted by the introspective nature of the artists’ pieces as they reflect on not only the underlying implications projected by the artists, but also a vision of their own self.


When: 20 Aug 2020 - 3 Oct 2020 Where: Gallery HZ – 222 Hollywood Road – Sheung Wan