13+3: A Photography Exhibition on Hong Kong’s Jailed Pro-democracy Activists

Why We Recommend it

This photography exhibition zooms in on the activists’ grand and banal moments, recalling the intensity, excitement and exhaustion of their involvement in Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movements.


‘13+3’ stands for the pro democracy activists who stormed the Legislative Council in 2014, and were sentenced to jail in 2017. Many are calling these individuals prisoners of conscience.

The features photographers, including award-winning photographer Chan Dick, and influential local artist South Ho, accompany the 13+3 through their experiences.

In order to give visitors a fuller picture of the lives of the 13+3, the exhibition also showcases photos provided by the families of the 13 +3. Visitors are invited to contribute by leaving messages on post-it notes.


When: 8 Nov 2017 - 20 Nov 2017 Where: L0 Gallery & L1 Gallery, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre – 30 Pak Tin Street – Shek Kip Mei