50 Years of Photography: Leo K. K. Wong’s Fleeting Phenomena

Why We Recommend it

The photography of Leo K.K Wong spans decades and styles while at times expressing the emotions of a Chinese literati painter.


A practicing doctor, Leo K.K Wong became a photographer to help manage the difficult emotions that came with his profession, training under noted Hong Kong photographer S.F Dan in his thirties.

Born in 1934, Wong’s works span 50 years and explore diverse styles, ideas and subject matters. Monochrome works of housing estates and grassroots Hong Kong are offset with colourful Chinese painting-inspired landscapes.

Deeply infused with Chinese traditional culture, Wong also believed that the magic of photography came from its ability to capture fleeting moments – and that this is what set the medium apart from painting.

This blend of influences and technologies shows itself in his photographs that have the emotionality of the Chinese literati artists while also channelling the camera’s momentary realism.


When: 5 Jul 2017 - 31 Aug 2017 Where: Kwai Fung Hing Gallery – G/F, 20 Ice House Street – Central