8000 Dominoes and More: Brazilian Artist José Patrício’s Playful Works

Why We Recommend it

Comprising works made with ready-made materials such as dice, dominoes and buttons, this thought-provoking exhibition explores the element of chance as well as the constructive tendency in Brazilian art.


Brazilian artist José Patrício (b. 1960) is known for his distinctive visual language that probes the traditional usage of various, “non-art” materials. He is influenced by Concretism, an art movement that places a strong emphasis on geometrical abstraction.

In this exhibition, entitled Algorithm in ‘Object Recognition’, Patrício explores the tension between predictability and indetermination through 12 playful paintings. This series examines how viewers’ perception is affected by both the artist’s algorithm and their own desire to rationalise the notion of an object.

The show also features an impressive floor installation, Imago Mundi, that is composed of approximately 8,000 dominoes—a metaphor for the element of chance.


When: 15 Nov 2018 - 28 Dec 2018 Where: Pearl Lam Galleries, H Queen’s – 9/F H Queen’s, 80 Queen's Road Central – Central