A Beast, A God, And A Line: Exhibiting the Overlapping Worlds and Waves of Migration across Asia-Pacific

Why We Recommend it

The travelling exhibit features the work of artists from across Asia Pacific of various historical contexts, including introducing the works of a few key modernist and late modernist figures who have shaped the language of art during the past half century in South Asia.


Co-produced with the Samdani Art Foundation and the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, this exhibition calls for a renegotiation of art’s role in today’s world, while also challenging western domination and interrogating the unfinished processes of decolonization and resurgent Indigenous identities.

These ideas are reflected in the subject matter and in the aesthetic choices of several artists in the exhibition.  This includes, among others, explorations of Indigenous systems of knowledge, specific issues, and visual worlds of Indigenous people across South Asia—often marginalised in the narratives about exclusion and social polarisation in the region—as well as the economic and ethical issues behind the representation of Indigenous communities.

One line across the different aspects of this exhibition is textiles, which draw many historical traces and layers. 


When: 17 Mar 2018 - 20 May 2018 Where: Para Site – 22/F, 6/F Wing Wah Industrial Building – Quarry Bay