A Century of Campus Fashion in Hong Kong

Why We Recommend it

Local school uniforms and other from the past 100 years are on display at the Hong Kong Museum of Education, offering insight in how our conception of childhood and our approach to education has changed over time.


Representative of historical periods, school missions and social statuses, school uniforms are one of the most iconic indications of group identity in almost every Hong Kong public school. Our small city has 2,179 day schools covering kindergarten, primary and secondary levels, and special needs. Each and every school differentiates itself through the styling, fabric, badging and colour design of its uniform.

Curated by the Museum of Education, the Hong Kong School Uniforms – Past and Present exhibition is the first of its kind to display a rich collection of local uniforms from the past 100 years, ranging from Maguas (馬褂) and Qipaos (旗袍) to Japanese navy blouses and skirts.

A visual summary of wider changes in the city’s approach to education, the exhibition brings back fond childhood memories to locals and offers overseas visitors a comprehensive introduction to the campus fashion of Hong Kong.


When: 28 Nov 2018 - 19 Apr 2024 Where: Hong Kong Museum of Education, Block D1, Podium Level, Education University Hong Kong (Tai Po Campus) – Tai Po