A Dual Solo Exhibition by Giraffe Leung and Simon Wan

Why We Recommend it

Two emerging local artists Giraffe Leung (b. 1993) and Simon Wan (b. 1975) portray their home city and international cityscapes through iconic coin as well as light and shadow images to explore the identities and changes of cities.


Leung’s Coins – Memories of Hong Kong features Hong Kong 20 cents, 10 cents and 1 dollar coins. By experiment different methods of blackening the coins with solutions to portray images of iconic Hong Kong scenes, both existing and vanished, such as the Victoria Harbour, Queen’s Pier or people like Anita Mui, Hong Kong’s pop music queen and late celebrated actress.
Leung speaks not only to his memories of his home city, but also to the inevitable changes in Hong Kong.

To create City Glow’s images, Wan shot the night time cityscapes among the most populous Asian cities tracing the contours of night time cityscapes in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, Tokyo, Seoul and Singapore. With the use of multiple exposures Wan overlies images of international brands, advertisements and facades of buildings, in which he has woven the dark of the night and the brightness of advertising lights into the structure of his work in a methodical manner.


When: 29 Aug 2019 - 29 Sep 2019 Where: La Galerie Paris 1839 – 74 Hollywood Road – Central