A Journey through Ancient and Modern Times: Lin Xue’s Pine Trees

Why We Recommend it

Hong Kong-based artist Lin Xue’s latest body of work, a 16-strong series of meticulous ink drawings of pine trees, meanders through the ancient and the modern, as well as fact and fiction.




Lin Xue (b. 1968) is a Chinese artist whose works mainly relate to the landscape rendition and delineation of natural scenes.

His latest exhibition, song (pine), features delicate ink drawings of pine trees in different countenances. As the pine tree is a symbol of eternity and unwavering integrity in Chinese culture, it is a very common motif in traditional Chinese paintings.

Lin’s pines are inspired by the trees the he has seen in real life as well as the ones depicted in ancient Chinese paintings by masters such as Ming dynasty painter Wen Zhengming.

Instead of using traditional ink brushes, he used sprigs of bamboo to create his artworks. The largest piece exhibited is three metres tall and took Lin over two years to create.


When: 20 Oct 2018 - 17 Nov 2018 Where: Gallery Exit – Blue Box Factory Building, 3/F, 25 Hing Wo St – Aberdeen