A Milestone Exhibition for One of Hong Kong’s Most Important Ink Art Groups

Why We Recommend it

Hong Kong’s longest-running contemporary art gallery pays homage to local ink art pioneers One Art Group in an exhibition encompassing iconic works by 10 artists of different styles.


Under the hegemony of Western-led modern art movements, Chinese artists living in colonial Hong Kong were prompted to think about how to inherit and reinvent traditional Chinese art. A major turning point for the Hong Kong art scene began in the 1970s, where local artists were inspired by the search for self-identity.

Founded in 1970, One Art Group was extremely active in this pursuit. The group was a platform for local artists to exchange ideas, form their own style and unique aesthetic, and allow them to express their own feelings through art. One Art Group is one of the most significant painting collectives under the “new ink art movement” advocated by Lui Shou-Kwan (1919-1975), the father of modern Chinese ink painting in Hong Kong.

The exhibition One Art Group – Pioneers of Ink Art showcases the thematic and technical changes, as well as the East-meets-West characteristics found in One Art Group’s ink art works. On show are iconic works of 10 Chinese artists of unique styles created between 1970 and 1985: Chou Lu Yun, Irene (1924-2011), Chui Tze-Hung (b. 1936), Kan Tai-Keung (b. 1942), Koo Mei, Carrie (b. 1929), Leung But-Yin (b. 1940), Leung Kui-Ting (b.1945), Ng Yiu-Chung (1935-1987), Poon Chun-Wah (b.1936), Wong King-Seng (b. 1928) and Yeung Yick-Chung (1921-1981).


When: 11 Jan 2019 - 9 Mar 2019 Where: Galerie du Monde, 108 Ruttonjee Centre – 11 Duddell Street – Central