A New Ink Art Era by Female Chinese and Hong Kong Ink Artists

Why We Recommend it

Alisan Fine Arts presents a group exhibition for 6 emerging women ink artists within the realm of  the contemporary Chinese art scene while tackling the gender debate in the art world.



The genesis for this show is one rooted in our gallery’s historic commitment to the promotion of female voices, demonstrated by the gallery’s group shows “Beyond the Jade Terrace” (2014) and “Hope” (2018), and reinforced by the recent buzz throughout the Hong Kong artistic community surrounding the publication of Eliza Gluckman’s Hong Kong-based case study into the realities of a gendered glass ceiling inhibiting the careers of women artists.

Gluckman, former Curator for the New Hall Art Collection at Cambridge, discovers that a very high percentage of women (around 70%) graduate from art programmes in Hong Kong, and yet very few succeed to lucrative careers as full-time artists. Alisan Fine Arts decided to take a closer look at the de facto emerging women artists working in both Hong Kong and further afield in China, within the major focus area for the gallery, that of contemporary ink art.

The exhibition includes 3 artists from China: Zhang Yirong (Beijing), Qiao Yuan (Shanghai), and Chu Chu (Hangzhou); and 3 from Hong Kong: Cheuk Ka-wai, Hui Hoi-kiu, and Ling Pui-sze. These 6 artists, from the perspective of women of the 21st century, are at the forefront of a movement to take traditional ink painting into a new era.


When: 15 Aug 2019 - 9 Sep 2019 Where: Central Gallery, Alisan Fine Arts, 21/F Lyndhurst Tower – 1 Lyndhurst Terrace – Central