Affordable Art Fair 2019: Art For Every Taste

Why We Recommend it

The seventh edition of the Affordable Art Fair sees over 115 local and international galleries that showcase fresh and affordable contemporary artworks, from traditional ink paintings to sculptures and eye-catching photography.


While Hong Kong now plays host to a number of roaming art fairs, Affordable Art Fair is the only one with a mission to keep prices of works within the HK$1000 to HK$100,000 range.

The festival’s ‘Creative Hub’ will see a number of fun workshops on poetry, DJ’ing, decorating and colouring, while its ‘Sofa Sessions’ will play host to engaging talks, touching on topics such as how to curate and grow your own art collection and how to incorporate art into life.

Another fair highlight is #ArtHappy Friday, a charity event hosted to help raise awareness of mental wellbeing and expressive art. This event will see an international line up of artists performing live. V-Pact talks will have inspiring speakers on how art changes lives while artist Geeio Yuen will be portraying visitors who share their stories.


When: 17 May 2019 - 19 May 2019 Where: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre – 1 Expo Drive – Wan Chai