Afong’s Lens: 19th Century Hong Kong, Canton and Macau

Why We Recommend it

This show offers a window into life in mid- to late 19th-century Hong Kong, China and Macau through captivating images taken by Afong, China’s most prominent commercial photographer of the period.


Born in 1838 in Foshan, China, Lai Fong 黎 芳, also known as ‘Afong’, was a Hong Kong-based photographer who established Afong Studio, one of the first photographic studios to exist in Hong Kong.

His studio was active from 1859 to around the 1940s, and was run by his son after Lai passed away in 1890. Lai Fong’s subject matters included posed portraits, landscapes, cityscapes and images of daily life.

Curated by Wattis Fine Art, this exhibition contains original album prints, all developed within the time frame of 1860-1890, taken in Hong Kong, Macau and Canton (Now Guangzhou).
[Image: Pedder Street, Hong Kong, ca. 1885 – Afong Studio]


When: 22 Jun 2018 - 21 Jul 2018 Where: Wattis Fine Art Gallery – 20 Hollywood Road, 2/F – Central