The Photography of Russian Avant-Garde Artist Alexander Rodchenko

Why We Recommend it

Portraying scenes of Moscow alongside portraits of artists and intellectuals, this exhibit shows off the photographic mastery of Russian Constructivist Alexander Rodchenko.


Arguably the most influential avant-garde artist to put his art in the service of the political revolution, Rodchenko was a founder of the Russian constructivist movement.

Rodchenko abandoned painting in 1921, committed to fully embracing the values of the Revolution – which meant adopting a more functional view of art and the artist. In his search for a media that served his revolutionary goals, he turned to photography in the 1920s.

The photos shown at F11 reflect Rodchenko’s strong visual eye, while depicting intriguing scenes of Russian society following the Revolution and in the run up to Stalin’s oppressive regime.


When: 28 Oct 2017 - 31 Mar 2018 Where: F11 Photographic Museum – 1 Yuk Sau Street, 11 Yuk Sau St, – Happy Valley