Almost 55: The Never-Fading Stardom of Dancer Qiao Yang

Why We Recommend it

Lauded veteran dancer Qiao Yang performs an autobiographical solo piece in honour of her 55th birthday and the City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC)’s 40th anniversary.


It was 1987

Such a long journey, 40 hours on the train
All the way, travelling south

Eventually, I arrived in Hong Kong

Qiao Yang has been active on the stage for four decades. She first learned to dance ballet and Chinese dance at the age of 12. In 1987, Yang made the leap to modern dance and met her lifetime mentor, Willy Tsao, the founder and Artistic Director of the City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC). Later that year, she moved to Hong Kong and joined CCDC.

C0-created by noted Taiwanese choreographer Chou Shu-yi and a stellar creative team, Almost 55 distills Qiao Yang’s decades of dedication and devotion to the art of dance, and traces the development of modern dance history in China. 

In order to create this special production, the creative team undertook a 400-day journey to Baoji City in the Shaanxi Province, Yang’s hometown, the place where she first learned how to dance. 

The dance performance will include a meet-the-artists session after the performances on 25th and 26th January 2019.


When: 25 Jan 2019 - 27 Jan 2019 Where: Shouson Theatre, Hong Kong Arts Centre – 2 Harbour Road – Wan Chai