Amplifying Nature Through Tech: Artists Cindy Ng Sio-Ieng and Juri Markkula

Why We Recommend it

Two shows will bring together the works of Finnish artist Juri Markkula and Macanese artist Cindy Ng Sio-Ieng, who both explore nature through advanced technologies and hi-tech processes.


Pairing mixed-media works and video installations, the show demonstrates how the featured artists heighten the experience of “nature” through the technologies they employ.

Featured works aim to dismantle the constraints of time, capturing the resonance of nature in frozen moments. Sweden-based Finnish artist Juri Markkula creates three-dimensional and highly sculptural pieces, magnifying colours and depths of nature through lab-quality 3D scanners and custom-built 3D reductive printers.

Beijing-based Macanese artist Ng Sio-Ieng explores concepts of nature relating to Chinese ink painting, using a range of organic and non-artistic materials, from powdered green tea blends, brown coffee stains, red wines, to milk and soy sauce, Ng’s flowing ink-inspired art evokes swirling landscape senses redolent of river deltas and estuaries.

Continuing this line of inquiry, Ng’s digital video imageries of colorful forms in motions channel the fluidity and spirit of Chinese ink. In the main gallery space during the second show, digital prints on canvas and glass seize moments from Ng’s studio performances.

The exhibition is divided into two parts, opening up a dialogue between both artists: Amplified (I) will see the main gallery space filled with experimental, sculptural paintings by Juri Markkula with Cindy Ng Sio-Ieng’s pieces presented in the adjacent room from 26 June to 14 JulyAmplified (II) – reverses the set-up, and will be on view from 19 July to 4 August.

[Image: Detail from Ng’sVast 0354′, 2017 (left) and Markkula’s ‘PG7 / 18 Ground I’, 2018 (right) ]


When: 26 Jun 2018 - 4 Aug 2018 Where: Galerie Ora Ora – H Queen's, 80 Queen's Road Central, – Central