No Big Deal I Want More: Andy Dixon and His Cavern of Wonders

Why We Recommend it

Canadian artist Andy Dixon explores themes of decadence, patronage, and the relationship between art and wealth through a rewriting of auction house objects and iconic paintings from the past.


Andy Dixon (b. 1979) will exhibit 15 new works on canvas from three of his ongoing series: Auction House Objects, Paintings of Paintings, and Patron’s Homes.

Following a common line through Dixon’s practice is a series of auction house objects plucked from recent Christie’s catalogues and titled by their Christie’s identification number, reducing them to a status of commodities. This exhibition has included a number of Asian objects sold through Christie’s antiques auctions. Adjacent are Dixon’s Paintings of Paintings,  reinterpretations of artworks from the past, contextualised with a contemporary eye. Working from common historical tropes, Dixon re-imagines still-life and odalisque paintings as a vehicle for desire to ask the questions: What is value? What is luxury? Who makes these decisions in today’s society? Underlying self-deprecation stirs beneath the surface of his candy-coloured canvases – a poignant study in the psychology of value.


When: 24 Aug 2019 - 21 Sep 2019 Where: Over the Influence, 1/F – 159 Hollywood Road – Central