Anime Rising: Showcasing Three Generations of Japanese Artists

Why We Recommend it

Featuring the works of artists Yoshitaka Amano, Yuichi Sugai and Takeru Amano, this exhibit charts the development of anime as a Japanese pop art movement with contemporary pieces.


American comics that arrived in Japan during the nation’s post-World War II occupation period influenced the creation of the anime aesthetic – which followed on from Japan’s woodblock printing traditions (ukiyo-e).

In 2001, venerable artist Takashi Murakami’s superflat movement elevated anime as an art form, as the boundaries between pop art and fine art blurred in Japan.

The works of Yoshitaka Amano, Yuichi Sugai and Takeru are inspired hy anime’s rich history through the 50’s onwards, while also bringing their own styles into the 21st century.


When: 14 Sep 2017 - 30 Nov 2017 Where: Art Statements – Factory D, 65 Rd Gee Chang Hong Centre – Wong Chuk Hang