Art By the Water: Cheung Chau’s Wave Festival

Why We Recommend it

Celebrating art, culture and community, this festival invites visitors to enjoy dance and music performances and art shows dotted around the quaint island.


Showcasing the works of local artists, including art from the island’s own community, this festival has been developed from the ground up as a way to celebrate Cheung Chau’s culture, history and ecology.

Using a map which directs visitors to each site dotted around the island, the festival features photography, fine art, street performance, sculpture and music, all negotiating the theme of life by the water.

A nature-loving affair without fuss or pomp, the festival supports budding and established art talents, and impresses upon the beauty of nature with an eco boat tour around the island, a historical Boundary Stone walking tour and a visit to the local goat farm in Sai Yuen.


When: 1 Dec 2017 - 3 Dec 2017 Where: Cheung Chau – Cheung Chau