Art Show on a Tram Pays Tribute to Hong Kong’s Traditional Crafts

Why We Recommend it

CeeKayEllo showcases Hong Kong’s traditional handicrafts in a unique exhibition aboard a moving tram.


If traditional handicrafts seem to have lost their relevance in contemporary Hong Kong, art and design studio CeeKayEllo is determined to bring back to light such handcrafts as birdcages and mahjong tiles through the means of contemporary art.

Classic Craft, Modern Meaning features artworks created collectively by Hong Kong’s last birdcage maker Chan Lok-choi, mahjong tile maker Cheung Shun-king, local artists Amanda Tong and Gohung, as well as international artists Frédéric Bussière and Jun Matsumura. To top it off, these works will be showcased on Tram 61, running between the Shek Tong Tsui and North Point terminuses – a most fitting exhibition venue to raise the public’s awareness towards the need to preserve local cultural heritage.


When: 17 Apr 2020 - 23 Jun 2020 Where: Tram 61