Art That Appropriates: Points of Departure

Why We Recommend it

‘Points of Departure’ is an exhibit that showcases the works of three Chinese artists who have created their own spin on the appropriation-based processes pioneered by American artists in the 1980s.



Featuring paintings by Chinese artists Gao Ludi, Lu Song, and Xie Nanxing, this exhibit explores the origins of an artwork in terms of its source imagery.

In this way, these works are inspired by the processes of 80s American artists, and draw on the increasingly prevalent tendency of incorporating found imagery in postmodern art.

Today, the internet provides immediate accessibility to trillions of images, offering innumerable options for artists to reference, copy, or alter.

This exhibit exemplifies the ways artists have and are using imagery drawn from pop culture and popular media.




When: 20 Jul 2017 - 9 Sep 2017 Where: Lehmann Maupin – Pedder building, 12 Pedder Street – Central