Artificial Landscape: SOGO’s Gigantic Screen Shows Video Art

Why We Recommend it

The enormous video billboard above the entrance of the SOGO department store in Causeway Bay screens thought-provoking works by four video artists for a project curated by Videotage.


Curated by Videotage’s Issac Leung, a practising artist, curator, and scholar in art and culture, Artificial Landscape presents the works of four young artists—Carla Chan, Chilai Howard, Lawrence Lek and Shi Zheng—on the biggest screen of its kind in Asia.

By interrupting the usual ad displays, Leung hopes that Artificial Landscape will make people think about how we engage with our city, and how we value public space. If the screen is ultimately a public space, who gets to decide what gets displayed?

The videos will play every hour until 31 March 2019, from 6pm to 10pm. Each video runs for just three minutes, echoing the transient and fragmented nature of city life.

Shi Zheng, based in Shanghai and Chicago, extends the public visual and audio experience in virtual landscape with her work “Embers”. London-based artist Lawrence Lek’s “Nøtel”, originally set in a future London, presents a simulation of a fully-automated luxury hotel and produces a strong sense of emptiness to the audience. Carla Chan, currently based in Hong Kong and Berlin, is known for her minimal style. Her work “Black Moves” brings the audience into an unknown cosmic space with the transformation of natural elements. Chilai Howard, a local mixed-media artist, who loves to explore the different artistic medium, will make a response to the current cityscape with his new creations “O”.

The programme will be companioned by an artist talk featuring Carla Chan and Chilai Howard on 30 March 2019.


When: 4 Mar 2019 - 31 Mar 2019 Where: SOGO Causeway Bay – Hennessy Road – Causeway Bay