Artist Robert Lettner in Dialogue with Chinese Landscape

Why We Recommend it

Austrian artist Robert Lettner explores the philosophy behind Chinese landscape painting, producing works that combine Eastern and Western aesthetics and ideas.  


The exhibition displays more than 50 watercolour and ink paintings from the distinguished Austrian artist Robert Lettner, spanning the 1970s to his final years. Several Chinese works of art also have been selected from the University Museum and Art Gallery’s permanent collection as a way to encourage visitors to experience the common spirit found within the landscapes and still lives of Eastern and Western cultures.

Lettner’s watercolour landscapes synthesize Western techniques and Eastern spiritual philosophies, exhibiting dynamic and deft brushwork paired with the poetic beauty of the “void” found in Chinese aesthetics. Classifying Lettner’s watercolour landscapes into the three dominant elements “void,” “colour” and “perspective”.  In Dialogue with the Chinese Landscape serves as both an extension of Lettner’s art and an exploration of the philosophy of the landscape.


When: 26 Apr 2017 - 18 Jun 2017 Where: University Museum and Art Gallery – Pokfulam