Artropolis: Hong Kong Art Week Brings together best in Contemporary Culture

Why We Recommend it

With over fifty galleries participating this year, this event celebrates Hong Kong’s vibrant contemporary art scene under the playful theme “Artropolis”.



Now in its fifth year, Hong Kong Art Week (HK Art Week) takes on the theme “Artropolis” bringing a vibrant 12-day festival to the city.

The festival is a celebration of the essential role that Hong Kong’s artists, galleries and art community play in developing a dynamic and every diversifying contemporary cultural scene.

Organised by the Hong Kong Art Gallery Association, highlights of the extravaganza include the popular “art walk for charity,” which introduces participants to the diversity of the city’s cultural fabric while raising funds for three local charities.

Collaborating with the Hong Kong’s beloved ballet sphere, the walk will include live dance performances alongside other cultural treats. Wine tasting, live music and other curious surprises are on the menu.

With its strong emphasis on education and outreach, Art Week is a particularly family-friendly affair. Sunday 26th November is officially family art day, with fun, interactive workshops for parents and kids alike – though children are welcome throughout the week.




When: 15 Nov 2017 - 26 Nov 2017 Where: Various