Art Fair in A Hotel: 12th Edition of Asia Contemporary Art Show

Why We Recommend it

The Asia Contemporary Art Show offers galleries and artists from around the world the opportunity to meet with and sell to local and international collectors and art buyers in Hong Kong.


Asia Contemporary Art Show is a show for those willing to dig to find hidden gems among more than 2,500 unique works of art spread across four floors comprising more than 80 art living spaces. Works include original paintings, limited editions, sculpture and photography from emerging and mid-career artists from across the world.

The 12th edition of the show features a series called Intersections: China, which spotlights a range of works from the vast, dynamic and creatively rich country. Selected galleries, artists and artist collectives highlight the conceptual artistic “intersections” between past and present, traditional and modern and East and West in contemporary Chinese art.

The quality of works at this show is variable, though there might be some gems.


When: 23 Mar 2018 - 26 Mar 2018 Where: The Conrad – Pacific Place – 88 Queensway