Atmospheric Flushes and Intimate Delving: Contemporary Chinese Painter Cui Xinming’s Differentiation

Why We Recommend it

Emerging contemporary artist Cui Xinming, who hails from Chongqing, paints expressive, luminescent works that suggest brooding stories of spectral and anonymous figures.


This new series of works by emerging Chinese artist show a slight shift in the aura he evokes, which is growing more somber over time. These paintings depict haunting figures and enigmatic histories in a distant, reflective tone.

Despite the shift in aura there are various recurring characters and encounters in Cui’s rich visual narrative. Punctuated by bouts of nostalgia, one notices the familiar scenario of two figures interacting – crouched, conversant, in motion.


When: 8 Feb 2018 - 21 Mar 2018 Where: Edouard Malingue Gallery – sixth floor, 33 Des Voeux Road – Central