Awaiting: New Works by Renowned Ink Artist Wang Tiande

Why We Recommend it

This exhibit showcases roughly twenty new works by the renowned artist who draws on and pushes the boundaries of Chinese ink art, using pioneering techniques and concepts.


Born in Shanghai in 1960, Wang Tiande has built up international acclaim creating works that draw on the classical Chinese canon of ink art, while investigating new ways to express enduring principles attached to the art form.

His pioneering practice involves producing landscape and calligraphic works out of layers of rice paper scorched using incense sticks. This practice raise questions about what the limits of ink art are, and whether the spirit of the medium can persist in pieces devoid of ink and “traditional” brushwork.

In this collection, Wang draws on classical works of calligraphy to connect with and pay homage to ancient sages.


When: 26 Mar 2018 - 5 May 2018 Where: Alisan Fine Arts – 21/F Lyndhurst Tower, 1 Lyndhurst Terrace – Central