Twenty/20: Fine Art Graduates Showcase Their Work

Why We Recommend it

New graduates of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and the Hong Kong Art School explore what it means to see the world with 20/20 clarity.


Most of the works in Twenty/20, an exhibition by new graduates of the Bachelor Fine Arts programmes at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and the Hong Kong Art School, are inspired by the moods and emotions that come with living in Hong Kong.

Many express the sentiment of being overwhelmed by the city; one artist portrays the busy and crowdedness of Hong Kong, painting out how she feels bombarded by the many fleeting images and impressions of the streets from a moving vehicle; another describes the sensation of being stuck in an MTR carriage, feeling constricted and restrained.

Others, compelled by the political situation, seek to probe deeper concepts and ideas. Greyscale pencil drawings of a religious neon sign explore the hope (or lack thereof) of Hongkongers; erasers rubbed off on gritty newspapers vent frustration, investigating the thin line between erasure and retention; repeated patterns dive into the rote repetitiveness between the days that make up life.

But there are also more lighthearted pieces: clean, minimalistic paintings of houses in bright, tasteful colours; pencil sketches of imaginary creatures, designed to be eerily familiar through exaggerating the features of real animals; fanciful renditions of Hong Kong’s outlying islands.


When: 5 Jul 2020 - 21 Jul 2020 Where: Pao Galleries – 2 Harbour Road – Wan Chai