Bhutan: Where Monarchy has brought Development and Democracy

Why We Recommend it

In this talk, anthropologist Dr. Francoise Pommaret will speak on how the longstanding Bhutanese monarchy has brought development and democracy to the country.


Organised by the Royal Geographic Society, this talk explores from a historical perspective how the Bhutanese monarchy has been the main factor of positive change in the country.

Dr. Pommaret argues that Bhutan owes its identity and political system to the long-term vision of its rulers. She shows how modernisation and innovation have become a royal tradition in Bhutan, and that the progressive approach of the kings of Bhutan has brought not only development but also democracy to the country. In her talk, Dr. Pommaret will speak on how the conjunction of monarchy and democracy is possible, challenging the established idea that Asian monarchies are conservative institutions.


When: 25 Oct 2018 - 25 Oct 2018 Where: 1/F, The Hong Kong Club – 1 Jackson Road – Central