The Bicycle Diaries: One Woman Cycling from London to Tehran

Why We Recommend it

In this talk presented by the Royal Geographic Society, freelance journalist Rebecca Lowe will speak about her 11,000 km bicycle journey from Europe to Tehran.


With little prior training, 60kg of luggage and a ukulele, London-born journalist Rebecca Lowe embarked on a life-changing adventure: in a year’s time she cycled through Europe, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Oman, the UAE and Iran.
The aim of Lowe’s voyage was to challenge preconceptions about the Middle East and tell the real-life stories of people who live there. She hoped to show that the bulk of the region is far from the morass of violence and fanaticism many people believe – and that a woman could cycle through it safely.


When: 27 Feb 2018 - 27 Feb 2018 Where: Jardine House, 27th Floor – One Connaught Place – Central