Big Wind Blows Highlights Young Hong Kong Artists’ Rule-Bending Spirits

Why We Recommend it

Rossi & Rossi showcases works from seven emerging Hong Kong artists in Big Wind Blows as they express their determination to resist the trends of the art world.


As part of Rossi & Rossi’s summer programme, Big Wind Blows features works from seven up and coming Hong Kong artists who, amidst their struggles against the need to assimilate to the different trends and rules set out by the art world, strive to maintain their integrity and express their unadulterated artistic visions.

The works showcased at the exhibition span across different media. For instance, Wong Chun-hoi’s installation, Hardworking Circuit, is a satirical piece that expresses the artist’s dissatisfaction at the black-boxing practices in mixed-media artworks nowadays. Moreover, Halley Cheung’s Pageant draws viewers’ attention to the marginalised domestic workers in Hong Kong. On the other hand, Wind Yeung’s works offer a trip down memory lane as she recalls moments from a fairy-tale-like childhood.

Also featured in the exhibition are works by Hong Kong artists Man Meito, Sharu Sikdar, Victor Chu, and Jolene Mok.


When: 8 Aug 2020 - 15 Sep 2020 Where: Rossi & Rossi – 6 Yip Fat Street – Wong Chuk Hang