The Blazing World: Works by Emerging Hong Kong Artists

Why We Recommend it

Exit Gallery presents The Blazing World, an exhibition of prints and oil paintings by emerging Hong Kong artists Li Ning and Stanley Shum.


The Blazing World is a dual exhibition by emerging Hong Kong artists Li Ning and Stanley Shum. Both artists create their own world order with scenes taken from daily fragments, the imaginary and the sub consciousness through prints and oil works respectively.

Li’s subject matter is inspired by dreams and daily scenarios, with multiple scenes and characters presented in the same composition. He constructs a bizarre world of unique characters in a boundless territory without a definite start and end, with multiple actions and narratives happening in an infinite loop of time and space. His style stems from his practice and experience as a tattoo practitioner. He applies delicate lines to form positive and negative space structures, adopting the techniques of tattooing into his print works.

Shum’s oil works investigate the psychological portrayals of contemporary society, depicting an imaginary new world of hope and promises. The artist combines realistic and metaphorical sceneries by blending imaginary scenes, natural landscapes and man-made urban landscapes. His works exhibit a state of confusion and melancholy, and are also a response to current social events and the inevitability of restlessness, depression and hollowness.


When: 11 Jan 2020 - 29 Feb 2020 Where: Gallery EXIT – 25 Hing Wo Street – Aberdeen