Bookworms Unite: Best of Dutch Books Designs Exhibited at Goethe-Gallery

Why We Recommend it

Thirty three Award-winning book designs from the Netherlands will be on display at the Goethe-Gallery. A ‘Books and Zines’ workshop and lecture will be held in conjunction with the exhibition.


First hosted in 1926, ‘The Best of Dutch Book Designs’ is an annual competition where a professional panel of judges selects 33 books that excel in design, typography, picture editing, lithography, printing and binding, as well as the relevance of making that particular book.

The Dutch selection is also entered each year for the international competition for ‘Best Book Designs from all over the World.’ The competition’s top prize, the Golden Letter, went to the book Ornithology, a visually fun photography book birds.

The silver medal went to (un)expected, an intimate publication about people who are left behind by loved ones who had committed suicide. The bronze medal was given to Dwars Vers, a beautiful designed diptych with poems by Emily Dickinson, Edna St. Vincent Millay.

All 33 books will be on display at the Goethe-Gallery Hong Kong. On December 16, a lecture and a workshop on zine making will be held free of admission.

Dutch graphic designer Céline Lamée will show some books and share stories behind the making of them. In the workshop following the lecture the mysteries of zine-making will be revealed, and you’ll get your hands-on experience by making your own zine. Interested parties can register here.


When: 6 Dec 2017 - 23 Dec 2017 Where: Goethe-Gallery – Goethe-Institut Hong Kong, 13-14/F HK Arts Centre 2, Harbour Road – Wan Chai