Buddha’s Birthday: One of Hong Kong’s Most Spiritual Festivals

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One of Hong Kong’s most distinctive festivals, Buddha’s Birthday sees devotees bathing statues of the Buddha with water and more.


Buddha’s Birthday is a public holiday that falls on the eight day of the fourth lunar month, which coincides this year with 30 April, 2020.

Legend says that nine dragons sprayed water to bathe the baby Buddha when he was born. Therefore, on his birthday, Buddhists bathe statues of the Buddha at temples– a ritual that is said to help purify one’s soul.

On Buddha’s Birthday, a grand ceremony at the Po Lin Monastery (home of the Big Buddha) normally takes place to celebrate the occasion. However, the ceremony has unfortunately been cancelled this year due to public health concerns over the COVID-19 outbreak.


When: 30 Apr 2020 - 30 Apr 2020 Where: