Build Your Own Robot: A Fun Family-Friendly Workshop

Why We Recommend it

In this fun and creative workshop, children learn how to design and build robots that can fight each other in a competition.


The workshop is hosted by Blueinno Technology, a newly founded platform brought to life to empower children by teaching them more about robotics and technology.

Young students will learn Basic Electronics and Robotics, a design thinking process developed by Stanford University, and the basics of woodworking, while creating their very own silly robot.

The class is aimed at children aged 6-12, those younger than 9 years old are recommended to pair up with an adult.



When: 4 Nov 2017 - 4 Nov 2017 Where: Blueinno Technology (Bluelab) – Room 906, 9/F, 789 Nathan Road, Prince Edward – Kowloon