Building A Textile Village in Tsuen Wan

Why We Recommend it

Turner Prize-winning UK architect collective Assemble and prominent Japanese artist Taguchi Yukihiro help construct a unique “textile village” at the The Centre for Heritage, Arts & Textile (CHAT).


In anticipation of the opening of the heritage site in 2019, CHAT is rolling out a 23-day programme taking place at the organisation’s permanent site in Tsuen Wan, The Mills.

The heritage and arts organisation, which is based in a site that was formerly a textile factory, will put on a number of participatory events including multiple co-learning workshops, one artist talk, one sharing session and various other activities.

In this programme, local textile and craft creators will station themselves at CHAT as they co-create the village with Tsuen Wan residents and public. 


When: 28 Jul 2018 - 19 Aug 2018 Where: The Mills – 45 Pak Tin Par Street – Tsuen Wan