Californian Artist Doug Aitken’s Dreamlike Exercises in Perception

Why We Recommend it

Exploring the perception of images and narratives alongside communication behaviours in the 21st century, Aitken’s multimedia works inspire self-reflexivity.


In Aitken’s first solo exhibition in China, three new works, which have been created specifically for this show, will be presented. These include an intricate hexagon sculpture crafted out of clear mirror, aluminium, resin and concrete. Through this work, Aitken aims to portray stillness and perpetual kaleidoscopic movement.

On the other side of the gallery lies a bodywork made out of aluminium and steel that spells the word “Future”. In this sculpture, Aitken aims to themes of acceleration and fragmentation in contemporary society. The third work is a four minute video showing a site-specific installation in the South Californian desert which Aitken created out of mirror surfaces and which takes the form of a ranch-style suburban home.


When: 27 Mar 2018 - 19 May 2018 Where: Massimo de Carlo – 3rd floor Pedder Building, Pedder Street – Central