Catherine Henriette: China’s Winter and Summer Tales

Why We Recommend it

Conte d’hiver, conte d’été features French artist Catherine Henriette’s photographic works of the series of the same name (winter tale, summer tale), which captures life in Songhua River in the northeast of China.


La Galerie Paris 1839 presents the work of French photographer, Catherine Henriette, featuring her photographic works of the series Conte d’hiver, conte d’été (winter tale, summer tale).

Born in 1960, Henriette currently lives between Paris and French Basque Country. After studying Chinese, she arrived in Beijing in 1985 and began a career as a press photographer. Engaged by the France Presse Agency at the time of Tiananmen events in 1989, she left China in 1991 and has since worked for various magazines.

For around 30 years, Henriette has been observing China, with its economic, cultural and social evolution. In her Conte d’hiver (winter tale) series, she chose Songhua River in the northeast of China, an immense blank page or backdrop for her attempt to capture life in the Chinese north. For her Conte d’été (summer tale) series, she revisited the beaches of northern China, where she had escaped to on scorching hot days as a student in Beijing.

With her keen observation on the beach bathers and the seaside she was once familiar with, Henriette captured the seemingly eternal bliss of the seaside, as if time has been frozen in a wonderful long vacation.


When: 14 Nov 2019 - 22 Mar 2020 Where: La Galerie Paris 1839 – G/F, 74 Hollywood Road – Sheung Wan