Celebrate Late Hong Kong Artist Hon Chi-fun’s “Story of Light”

Why We Recommend it

Over 30 artworks by groundbreaking Hong Kong artist Hon Chi-fun (1922-2019), spanning four decades of his trailblazing practices in painting, printmaking, and photography, will be on show at Asia Society Hong Kong.


A postal inspector by trade, Hon was a self-taught artist who rose to prominence in the 1960s with his radical artistic experiments that combined international influences as a response to Hong Kong’s multi-cultural context. In 2017, Hon was honoured by Asia Society and Asia Society Hong Kong Center with an Asia Arts Game Changer Award for his outstanding contributions to modern art in Hong Kong.

Opening over a decade since Hon’s most recent survey exhibition spanning his career, A Story of Light places a spotlight on Hong Kong art by providing an in-depth look at one of the city’s most important pioneering art practitioners. Structured into three main sections, the show demonstrates how Hon addresses questions of cultural identity, and evades artistic categorisation, through a radical approach to materials and the discovery of new artistic techniques.

Concurrently on show is Yukaloo by James Turrell (b. 1943, Los Angeles), which marks the American artist’s first installation at an institution in Hong Kong. Turrell is known for using light as a medium for his immersive installations. Associated with the Light and Space movement of the 1960s, Turrell has dedicated his practice to what he has deemed perceptual art, investigating the materiality of light and the sensorial experience of space, colour and perception.


When: 12 Mar 2019 - 9 Jun 2019 Where: Chantal Miller Gallery, Asia Society Hong Kong Center – 9 Justice Drive – Admiralty