Celebrating the Rooftops of Paris in Multimedia

Why We Recommend it

The exhibition celebrates Paris’ urban panorama with a focus on artistic renderings of the roofs of the city that has inspired creatives for centuries. 


The cityscape of Paris has been a powerful source of inspiration for French and foreign artists and writers for centuries. Its captivating architectural horizon is recognized as one of the most beautiful int he world. And yet, the Parisian roofs, difficult to see from the sidewalks below, are themselves often overlooked, overshadowed by the imposing facades and famous buildings they sit upon.

The roofs of Paris makes visible these little-known and vital Parisian architectural features, presenting their histories, styles, and meanings – revealing their crucial role as carriers of French cultural heritage.

With objects ranging from three-dimensional architectural models, French oil paintings, and prints to films, photos, and multi-media installations, the exhibition celebrates the urban panorama of Paris as it metamorphosed from a dark and ornate medieval city into the “city of light”.


When: 25 May 2017 - 25 Jul 2017 Where: City University Exhibition Gallery